Maria is from Moscow, she arrived in the UK back in 2010. Interestingly photography was not a past time Maria pursued in Russia but something she decided to experiment with after she was struck with inspiration while living just west of London.


Nature & landscapes were the first subjects that received attention from her lens but in recent years Maria has really broadened out her subject matter. Maria can turn her hand to virtually any form of photography. What matters to Maria is that something special is captured in any image she makes.  Anything possesses the potential to be special but so few people have the talent to see what can be maximised (or minimised) in the subject matter to create something special.  That's Maria's talent in a nutshell, she has the ability to see a certain something in almost anything!


The future is promising, after having her work appreciated and applauded by any who encountered it, Maria has won photography competitions.  Some of her fashion related work has been used on websites and further success followed, she was first published in a magazine in September 2016.  


If you have project work for Maria, or you want to have a print of anything you have seen on this website, please contact Maria on: